Wordle Solver

Wordle it up.

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This script plays wordle. It guesses a word, and you tell it how it did. It only understands a special code, though, so you have to tell it how it did correctly. When the script guesses a word, each letter in that word falls in a category:

  1. The right letter in the right place
  2. A right letter in the wrong place
  3. A wrong letter

If a letter is in category 1, say 'g'. If it's in category 2, say 'y', and category 3 gets 'x'.

So if the word is 'camel' and the script guesses 'olden', you tell it 'xyxgx'.

If you're just here to characterize my solver, I can save you some time. I ran it against the entire word list, and here's a graph