Here's some pseudorandom stuff I salvaged from Google's cache.

And don't forget Security Through Obsolescense

Two-Weapon Fighting rangers in Pathfinder got a bad rap.

Here's an implementation of the chaos game in Ada and gtk. Right now it only makes sierpinsky triangles. It depends on the Debian package libgtkada2-dev. You also need to have Gnat, which comes with gcc, installed. If you run something other than Debian and get it to work, let me know!

I used makefiles and Python to solve the quadratic formula. It's a proof of concept. The idea was to show that it can be broken up into bits that can be solved independently. It's not efficient at all, because reading from a file and writing to a file are terrible ways to implement a single left shift instruction, but it does do its job. It even finds complex roots!

Breakout in C using SDL!

Visualized sorting algorithms generated by some quick Python scripts

Conway's game of Life, in Go, with a genetic twist. I wanted to learn Go, so I wrote this thing.

Here's a list of things I've found worth sharing.



Cat pictures!

Snow pictures

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