The Graphinator

What is it?

The graphinator lets you make graphs. You can plot multiple functions of x on 1 set of axes with different colors. It's like a graphing calculator, but without the non-drawing functions and on the web.


For the impatient: Fill out all the fields on the form and hit Graphinate.


Labels can use TeX-like math symbols. Surround any fancy TeX math in $s.



The function of x can use several functions in addition to the 4 arithmetic operators. Here's the list:

add subtract multiply divide conjugate power absolute negative greater greater_equal less less_equal equal not_equal logical_and arccosh logical_or logical_xor logical_not maximum minimum bitwise_and bitwise_or bitwise_xor arccos arcsin arctan cos cosh arcsinh exp log log10 sin sinh sqrt tan tanh ceil fabs floor arctan2 fmod hypot around sign arctanh pi e

Don't forget to use * to multiply. The constants e and pi are also available.

Multiple functions can be plotted on the same axes by changing the # of functions and pressing enter.


Use any color name you like. Unsupported colors will come out black.